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Trainings that one talks about

 As a butler I can look back on having provided first class service in a professional way to a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Why not profit from my varied and vast experience as an International Hotelier, Personal Butler and Business Etiquette Coach?

The wide range of courses being offered are diverse and can be anything from a 90 minute long Lunch & Learn training program to a whole day class including apéros and ending in an etiquette learning dinner – modern, exciting and tailor made according to the specific needs of your business.

In Switzerland I am the only Swiss operator offering training programs in social competence and business etiquette as well as conducting all the classes and coaching in proficiency level English.

Business Etiquette

How can classic values combine with everyday modern working practices considering the different age generations? Those people attending my training program will receive the knowledge of what is contemporarily acceptable and coming over as being authentic in every possible situation. Importantly covering: first impressions, dress code and professional small talk. More

Intercultural Competence

In todays globalized world being able to interact successfully with individuals from so many different cultures is a big challenge. The attendees of my training program will be schooled in how to be aware and how to deal with people from different cultures, morals and manners. More

Inspiring Speeches & Lectures

As an experienced keynote speaker and lecturer I will motivate those people taking part in the course to look at the most effective way in presentation skills with an impact and taking into account service as the key to success. More

Lunch & Learn

Short overview or refresher course relating to business etiquette over lunch? No problem. More

One-on-one Coaching

Completely personal and just for you. More

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